In-store Retail Video Analytics

This solution takes advantage of the existing cameras combined with analytical software to gather data on store operations and customer trends. It helps in enhancing customer experience, employee behavior, and overall security, allowing them to optimize store layout, product placement, and develop strategies to boost overall sales.


Facial recognition demographic customer count and analysis.

VIP Recognition

VIP customers are identified as they enter the premise metrics, alerting staff to  engage with the key customer, using high end integrated biometric technology.


Identifying the age group and gender of your shoppers and segmenting for better understanding of your customer base and match their trends.

Identify Shoplifters

Prioritizing safety and comfort by implementing measures to prevent shoplifting and ensure a peaceful shopping experience using advanced software.

2. Heat Map Analysis and Generation

Track the timing and behavior of customer flow, enabling customized security measures for your specific setting. 

3. Occupancy management

Provides valuable insight into which spaces in the retail sector are rarely occupied and which are often heavily engaged.

4. Intrusion Detection

Identifying people present at unexpected times in unusual count, locations and direction.

5. Abandoned cart

Locating Shopping Cart abandoned for an estimated period of time anywhere at the premise and to take necessary action.

6. Queue management

Real time Monitoring of the queue length in critical areas like billing sections in the store and  trigger alerts that notify internal teams.

7. Dwell time analysis

The time span spent by a customer at a specific segment in a retail shop, thus determining the time spent ,frequency of interaction and willingness for purchase.