NxtEye Security

In an active urban lifestyle, it is unfeasible for surveillance personnel to continuously monitor every street camera. 

NxtEye security helps you keep your community, property and assets safe, Improving urban security and safety through advanced surveillance, covering everything from physical disturbance, and medical emergencies to routine monitoring and prevention.

Occupancy calculation, report and alert

Provide occupancy of people in an area based on ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ count across multiple cameras generating reports on occupancy and people movement. Thus, efficiently managing resources and conserving energy.Generate alert notification if the occupancy at a particular area increases over a given threshold count. 

People intrusion detection

 The intrusion detection provides comprehensive support for region-based intrusion detection. Users have the flexibility to configure alerts for humans offering a versatile security solution. One notable advantage is compatibility with polygonal region configurations, allowing users to adapt to their specific needs.

Alert on detection of Abandoned objects (AOD)

People may intentionally or unintentionally drop objects like bags, boxes etc in restricted areas like office or factory  premises causing security concerns.Thus,detecting abandoned objects and raising alarms.

Animal intrusion detection

 This tool detects animals’ entry into compounds. Both full frame intrusion detection and region based intrusion detection are supported and users can configure regions in the camera field of view to adapt to their needs.

Alert on vehicle parking in restricted areas

 Users can configure intrusion detection for vehicles in restricted parts of the building (without number plate recognition) compounds to generate alert notifications.

Alert on people loitering

Tool support generation of alert on people loitering near restricted areas. The time period of loitering can be configured by the user based on the priority of the location.

Perimeter Protection

The intrusion detection application extends its security capabilities to protect office and factory premises by enabling perimeter protection.

Alert on vehicle overstay

 Tool support configuring alert for generating notifications based on the duration of vehicle parking (Without number plate recognition). 

Crowd monitoring and alert creation

Tool supporting estimating the crowd and generation of alert if the estimated count goes beyond the predicted threshold value.

License plate recognition

 License plate recognition of vehicles entering and exiting the premise.

Vehicle log

Tool support creation of  vehicle entry exit log, helping better handling of parking management.

Face recognition based report generation

Generation of reports of unknown person visits and employee movement patterns within a specified sector.