Real Time Video Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring Redefined with Instant Precision

IVA’s NxtEye video monitoring platform offers a transformative arsenal for organizations seeking to actively leverage their video data. Through a constellation of features, including live stream access, real-time event alerts, interactive data visualization, historical trend analysis, and AI-powered object recognition, NxtEye empowers comprehensive and proactive video data management. NxtEye helps create a safer and more secure workplace. NxtEye reduces the number of incidents and improves operational efficiency by using predictive analytics to spot possible threats early, allocating resources more efficiently based on data insights, and providing continuous surveillance with flexible alert rules. This leads to real benefits, such as lower costs through preventative steps and more peace of mind for everyone involved.

Object Detection & Recognition

Real-time object detection and recognition by NxtEye’s advanced algorithms allows it to differentiate between items such as people, vehicles, animals, and more, thereby strengthening security measures with accurate tracking and monitoring.

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Behavioral Analysis

Our technology analyzes behavioral trends in addition to static detection. Identify irregular, suspicious, or loitering behavior to send out alerts quickly so that proactive measures can be taken.

Customizable Alerts & Notifications

Tailor alerts and notifications based on specific criteria. Receive instant alerts via SMS, email, or app notifications, ensuring swift action in critical situations.


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Top Industrial Applications

Smart Cities

Cities can monitor traffic flow, identify accidents, manage crowd density and promptly respond to emergencies or security threats.

Oil and Gas

Real time alerts for detection of suspicious activity like theft or vehicle overstay or smoking

Construction Sites

Safety compliance monitoring like PPE compliance, material theft and and restricted entry