Smart City Solutions

In the era of rapid urbanization, cities are facing major challenges in managing resources, ensuring safety, and optimizing infrastructure. Video analytics emerges as an exceptional technology, for the cities to tackle these challenges efficiently and intelligently. 

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) powered unified video analytics platform redefines urban surveillance, offering adaptable, scalable solutions to meet the diverse needs of city living.

Key Use Cases in Smart Cities

Urban & Municipal Management

NxtEye facilitates efficient management of urban services and resources, enabling monitoring of waste disposal, parking violations, and other public concerns for optimal resource utilization and sustainability. 

Garbage Spill Monitoring

The system is to be equipped to analyze the footage to determine the fill level of the trash box. When the fill level reaches a certain threshold, the system triggers an alert to notify relevant authorities for timely disposal.

Nearby Dumpage Monitoring Alerts

Continuous monitoring for any unauthorized dumping activities or instances of overflow.

Enforcement of traffic and parking regulations within no-parking zones

Real-time footage of vehicles entering and parking in prohibited zones is identified and alerts are triggered automatically.

Intelligent Traffic Management

By analyzing live video feeds from strategically positioned cameras, NxtEye offers solutions for traffic monitoring, enabling authorities to make data-driven decisions swiftly. From optimizing traffic flow to detecting accidents and enforcing traffic regulations, our system ensures smoother traffic operations, safer roads, and enhanced overall transportation efficiency

Law Enforcement

NxtEye video analytics solutions empower law enforcement agencies with real-time data and efficient policing capabilities. It aids in identifying suspects, surveilling designated areas, and issuing alerts for diverse incidents.

Monitoring crowd size and movement

The system monitors crowd size and movement in various urban areas such as public squares, transportation hubs, and event venues and alerts authorities y by identifying potential congestion or security risks.

Detecting abandoned / unattended objects

Using advanced object recognition algorithms, the system analyzes video footage from surveillance cameras to identify objects left behind by individuals in public spaces

Unauthorized entry alerts with perimeter intrusion detection

Monitor the boundaries of secure facilities, critical infrastructure sites, and public access points. When an intrusion is detected, such as an individual scaling a fence or breaching a secure perimeter, the system generates immediate alerts to notify security personnel.

Accident detection with zone-specific surveillance

The software continuously monitor traffic conditions., identifying patterns indicative of potential accidents, collisions, or hazardous situations within the region of interest